App Fighting

This week I had two customers with DMK Boxes wondering why they could see themselves using iNavX but no other data like AIS or wind. Another customer had issues getting his DMK App connected. All of these customers were experiencing the same overall issue, "App Fighting."

For non computer people I'll explain it like this. The apps were confused about who is supposed to ask the DMK Box for the data. The solution is to connect in any other apps that are running in the background or to force quit those apps and restart them later. Once you have all the apps streaming the connection is very robust. The customers were only able to see themselves because the app was using Location Services (cell tower triangulation) to get the iPad's position. There was no data stream coming to the app even though the iPod had made the connection. The first option for fixing this is to simply go into any app that may be running and turn on the connection if there is an option to do so. This is not uncommon when using iNavX and the DMK App to need to turn the other on before you get both to work. Simply follow the process to open the link by tapping connect in the DMK App or by going to Preferences and then to TCP/IP Client in iNavX, then turning the link on.

Sometimes two apps just can't work together through a DMK Box. This situation is very rare and we would love to hear about it so we can inform the App's developers and correct the issues. Still it may be necassary to force quit an app to make another work. To force quit an app, press twice on the home button. The apps running should appear in the bottom of the screen. Next hold your finger over an app until the red X appears in the upper left corner of all the apps. Tap on the X to quit the app. Once you are done quitting apps press the home button to exit quitting.