Connecting More that One Device to a DMK Box

Sometimes folks would like to connect more than one device to their DMK Box and use third party apps that need data streaming. The DMK Box can stream data to up to three devices that want to use third part apps.

With your first device connect open the DMK App and in the “Instrument List” view tap the settings button in the upper right corner.

Scroll down the list until you see the “Attached Device Count” and set it to the number of devices you would like to stream data to.

Next connect the second device using the IP Address If you want to connect a third device us the IP Address Set the router and subnet settings the same on all devices. (Router: Subnet:

The DMK box can stream data to three devices at a time in ad-hoc mode. In addition to streaming to three devices, other devices can connect to the DMK Box but only to use the DMK App.